About Homeopathy

About Homeopathy

Homeopathy is the science of using small amounts of natural materials to target the root of a problem and stimulate the body’s inherent ability to heal — physically, mentally and emotionally.

Western science has been marching toward the discovery of increasingly smaller particles of matter for centuries — from molecules and atoms to subatomic particles, such as quarks. ‘Nano-molecular’ refers to the manipulation of individual molecules. Therefore, a nano-dose is literally a dose that can be measured in molecules. Homeopathic remedies are nano-doses of specific substances. As such, they are bioavailable, can pass easily through cell membranes and the blood-brain barrier and are generally safer and more effective than large doses of the same substance. This is in large part due to the nano-dose’s minute size.

You might be wondering, if the doses are so small, how can they have any effect? With homeopathy, it’s not just about the quantity; it’s also about the potency. The process of creating homeopathic remedies produces a final product that can be more potent than even an herbal extract. This process allows you to take less of a given substance while getting a greater benefit. One dose of a homeopathic remedy could be the equivalent of 50 capsules of the same substance, but the capsules would not even work as well.

The efficacy of nano-doses has been scientifically validated through controlled clinical studies, epidemiological data, clinical outcome trials and historical review of the field. So, although homeopathic remedies are often thought of as folk remedies by the mainstream, nano-doses and nano-molecular nutrition have been proven effective across thousands of individuals for decades.

I often utilize homeopathy as part of client wellness plans via custom and targeted blends. Ask me about specialized homeopathic blends for emotional balance, body balance, hormonal balance and weight loss support.

*None of the statements above are intended to be legal or medical advice. This information is provided for educational purposes only, and not intended for the diagnosis, treatment, cure, alleviation, prevention, or cure of any disease of any kind, in any way. No guarantees are made for any level of body healing.

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