Face Your Fears With Juniper Berry

Welcome to another story about how essential oils can help one overcome obstacles in life. Today’s spotlight is on Juniper Berry. Some may know juniper for its distinctive flavor in gin, and its aroma is unmistakable. As an essential oil, it has some amazing attributes beyond flavor and aroma.

Juniper helps restore the balance between light and dark, conscious and unconscious, day and night. It helps people understand that the things they fear are actually intended to be their teachers. Particularly those that come in dreams.

Dreams contain nighttime communications. Even nightmares can reveal unresolved fears and issues. Juniper Berry offers courage and energetic protection in the nighttime. It encourages honest assessment of the information being communicated from within.

Juniper Berry encourages you to face the fear and learn the lesson. These fears often live deep within us, the unexplored areas of the self. Juniper Berry helps you access and address those fears and issues that have long been avoided.

When we reconcile with our fears and other hidden aspects of ourselves, we experience greater wholeness. Juniper Berry teaches us that there is truly nothing to fear when we acknowledge and accept all aspects of ourselves.

What deep fears can Juniper Berry help you with?


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