What It's All About

live (verb): to supply oneself with the means of subsistence.

nutrition (noun): food or nourishment

Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight or just eat healthier, I’ve got you covered. Choose from one of my programs that combines technology, meal planning and exercising to get real benefits and live life to the fullest. Then take it step further by adding in emotion work to address mental blocks and limiting behaviors to achieve optimal results. I will meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to be. You choose your level of work and accountability.

Just complete your profile. Download the app (available for Android and iOS). Sync your meal plan (if selected). Log your food intake. Log your exercise. See your progress at a glance. Keeps you motivated and on track.


These are the current programs with monthly pricing. Each program includes access to the mobile app with customized profile, connecting to select personal tracking devices (if phone allows), logging of food and exercise, composition monitoring and limited coach access. Additional features are available with each level, such as meal plan options, web access and check-in/accountability.



Mobile App Access
Custom Profile
Track Meals
Track Exercise
Limited Support



Mobile App Access
Custom Profile
Track Meals
Track Exercise
Track Goals
Basic Meal Plan
Grocery List
Coach Access



Mobile App Access
Web App Access
Custom Profile
Track Meals
Track Exercise
Track Goals
Unlimited Meal Plans
Grocery List
Email Check-ins



Mobile App Access
Web App Access
Custom Profile
Track Meals
Track Exercise
Track Goals
Unlimited Meal Plans
Grocery List
Video Check-ins

The BASIC subscription does not include a meal plan with your profile. Therefore, that information will not be pushed to your device and grocery list will be inactive. This is a great option if you are using your own meal plan or meal prep. However, separate meal plans may be purchased and added to your profile at any time. Programs with included meal plans and web access may change meal options online at any time with no additional charge.


Today’s Summary screen – gives you a summary of today’s activities and totals. This includes calorie budget, fat, protein and carbohydrate intake, and fitness goal.

My Plan screen – your current meal plan is displayed with options to exchange foods for preferences. Just click on a day to see your meal details.

My Log screen – food and exercise journal. Log your meals and exercise activities and see your remaining calorie budget at a glance.

My Goal – keep track of your weight changes and fitness goals.

Messaging – receive important information and private health coach messages.

Grocery List screen – view and manage your healthy food list for shopping.

Add Custom Foods – add your own custom foods to use with your plan.

Bar Code Scanner – easily add custom foods from nutritional labels.

Synching – automatically sync with your web dashboard account and select wearable devices (limited feature depending on plan).


Here are the currently available meal plans that may be selected for use with your program. See the Meal Plans page for a description of each plan.


Asian Explosion
Energy Booster
Healthy Aging
Healthy Cholesterol
Heart Healthy
Heart Healthy Living
Low Carb
Low Carb American
Low Carb Fast Food
Low Carb Italian
Low Carb Lifestyle
Low Carb Mexican
Low Cholesterol
Mature Women
North Beach Diet Phase I
North Beach Diet Phase II
On The Go
On The Go R2
Sustained Energy
Teen Lifestyle
Teen Scene
Weight Loss R2
Women’s Healthy Aging


Gluten Free
Healthy Soy
High Fiber
Immune Booster
Intermittent Fasting 16:8
Intermittent Fasting 7:2
Intermittent Fasting Alternate Day
Lactose Intolerant
Organic Low Carb
Organic Low Fat
Vegan Lifestyle
Vegetarian Lifestyle
Wheat Free
Wheat Sensitivity

Detox & Cleanse

21 Day Detox Fruit for Men
21 Day Detox Fruit for Women
21 Day Detox Meat for Men
21 Day Detox Meat for Women
21 Day Detox Veggie for Men
21 Day Detox Veggie for Women
Detox with Fruit for Men
Detox with Fruit for Women
Detox with Meat for Men
Detox with Meat for Women
Detox with Veggies for Men
Detox with Veggies for Women

30 Day Plans

30 Day Cholesterol Control
30 Day Heart Healthy Men
30 Day Heart Healthy Women
30 Day Hypertension Men
30 Day Hypertension Women
30 Day New Moms Post Pregnancy
30 Day Pre/Post Natal Lactating
30 Day Weight Loss Men
30 Day Weight Loss Women
30 Day Women’s Anti Aging

Disease Prevention

Breast Cancer
Cancer Prevention
Cancer Prevention R2
Heart Disease
Heart Disease Prevention R2
Osteoporosis (Bone Health)
Osteoporosis Prevention R2
Stable Blood Sugar
Stable Blood Sugar R2
Stroke Prevention (DASH)
Stroke Prevention R2 (DASH)

Fitness & Performance

Athletic Training
Lean and Tone Physique
Lean Body Builder
Mass Builder
Muscle Builder
Paleo Lifestyle
Performance Training

Macro Balanced

Macro Plan 20P 60C 20F
Macro Plan 25P 50C 25F
Macro Plan 25P 55C 20F
Macro Plan 30P 40C 30F
Macro Plan 30P 45C 25F
Macro Plan 35P 35C 30F
Macro Plan 40P 30C 30F

Paleo Variations

Paleo Autoimmune
Paleo Pescatarian
Paleo Strength Training
Paleo Triathlete

Glycemic Management

Hi to Low Glycemic R2
High (am) to Low (am) Glycemic
Low (am) to High (pm) Glycemic
Low Glycemic
Low Glycemic R2
Low to High Glycemic R2

Bariatric & Medical Supervised


*Please be sure that if you select ketogenic that you are under proper medical supervision for this program to ensure health and safety.


These programs are designed for self-starters who just need a little push and accountability. They are great for establishing awareness of what you are eating and how much movement you are doing each day. Sometimes, this is all a person needs to stay on track. However, as a naturopath and certified nutritional professional, in addition to being an emotional health specialist, I can also help you address emotional blocks and limiting behaviors that may be holding you back from reaching optimal health. Therefore, please feel free to reach out to me if you want to explore this service as an addition to your nutrition and exercise plan.

I am additionally available to create fully customized meal plans for you if none of these appeal to you. Although there is a meal plan for almost every taste, sometimes none of these work. Contact me for more details if you want to look at a custom option.

Contact me for more details if you are interested in any of these services.