What Is Emotional Inflammation

Emotional Inflammation is a term I came up with to describe what I do to my clients and potential clients. It may seem like a wonky phrase, but it’s a real thing. It is separate and distinct from physical inflammation.

In my years of helping clients holistically deal with chronic inflammation, I have discovered that there is a distinct set of emotional patterns and beliefs associated with chronic inflammation that feeds or exacerbates physical symptoms.

It is often just as important to deal with the emotions that are feeding the inflammation or preventing one from healing, as it is to address nutritional and other physical needs.

That’s why I call this Emotional Inflammation.

If you suffer from chronic illness or chronic inflammation that you just can’t get rid of, maybe it’s time to explore the emotional side of things and address your issue from a whole body perspective – body, mind and spirit; which includes not only physical needs, but emotional, mental and spiritual needs as well.

If you are interested in learning more about Emotional Inflammation or dealing with Chronic Inflammation holistically, please contact me for more information.

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